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31th Kumul festival of Meilisi Daur national region opened



On 2nd, June, the 31th Kumul festival of Meilisi Daur national region are grandly opening in Halaxincun grassland. Daur compatriots wearing in holiday clothes are happily gathering together, singing melodious national songs, dancing cheerful Hakumailer dances, demonstrating presence of Daur people in new era and celebrating new changes in development of Meilisi Daur region in new era.
This Kumul festival took “the Old Daur, singing Kumul” as its theme. A series of activities with rich national culture, rich and colorful contents such as old and mysterious Obo sacrifice ceremony, artistic performance calligraphy, painting and photograph exhibition, nonmaterial heritage full in Daur national characteristics, and commodities fair of tourism crafts, national food and beverage tasting and etc. were holding on the opening ceremony, which presented a festival feast with unique Daur cultural glamour to all tourists. The third China Qiqihar Kumul forum, minority sports meet and other activities were also holding during this Kumul festival, which attracted innumerable tourists from inside or outside of province to witness such a national festival and sharing joys of Daur festival.
After development in many years, the Kumul festival in Meilisi Daur national region has been developed from a national gathering of Daur compatriot, to an important cultural tourism brand of our city or even our province, and become an important platform which manifest cultural glamour of Daur race and enrich cultural activity of the masses.

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