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Construction of Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Project in Full Swing



Presently, Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Project is in full swing and progressing rapidly. It is learned that 80% of the total civil engineering quantities have been completed. The construction of the project commenced on May 18, 2017, involving a fixed asset investment of 2.3 billion Yuan and a total investment amount of 4 billion Yuan. The project, designed and constructed according to national clean production standard, Grade 1 and the safe production standard, Grade 1, for copper smelting, is intended to reach a domestic first-class and internationally advanced level in terms of safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligent manufacturing and green metallurgy. After the project achieves its production capacity, it can realize annual production of 150,000 tons of standard cathode copper, 600,000 tons of byproduct sulfuric acid, annual output value of up to10 billion Yuan, annual profits of 200 million Yuan and taxes of nearly 300 million Yuan.

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