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The First Domestic Phase Modifier Spindle Is Completed and Delivered at China First Heavy Industries



On August 1, the first domestic phase modifier spindle was completed and shipped from China First Heavy Industries (hereafter refer to CFHI), marking CFHI taking a solid step in the domestication of China’s major technical equipment and the replacement of imported products.
According to the relevant staff, the phase modifier spindle is a key component of the phase modifier system. The product has large weight, long length, high difficulty in overall forging and heat treatment of performance, and high demand for processing precision. Therefore, it was often imported before. In recent years, in order to cope with the problem of reactive power regulation caused by HVDC transmission and new energy accessing to the grid, and to effectively support the stability of the grid, the State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid have raised an urgent need for the domestication of the phase modifier equipment.
As a heavy equipment manufacturer, China First Heavy Industries has always been committed to promoting the domestication of power equipment and other core products. Under the guidance of the program of action of “Made in China 2025”, China has adhered to independent research and development and has continuously strengthened technological innovation. In January 2018, China First Heavy Industries began to undertake the first domestic phase modifier spindle. In order to complete the development task, China First Heavy Industries has actively organized relevant units to seriously analyze and demonstrate. The production links are closely linked, and the first development task of the domestication of the phase modifier spindle has been successfully completed. All quality inspections have been qualified one time. The quality is guaranteed and the product is delivered in advance, thus received high praise from users.
At present, although China’s coal-fired power generation still occupies a large proportion, the diversification of new energy power generation is unstoppable, and the proportion is getting larger and larger. In order to reduce the damage created by new energy, especially wind power and solar power output instability to the power grid, and to promote the grid-connected operation of a large number of new energy power generation in China, the construction of the phase modulation unit at the converter station has become one of the urgent tasks of the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid. The phase modifier is a kind of reactive power compensation device. The new generation of the phase modulation system has the characteristics of small influence of system voltage, strong high/low voltage ride-through capability, high multiple of force excitation and strong dynamic voltage maintenance capability. At the same time, the new generation of the phase modifier and secondary system also has the advantages of unattended operation, one-button debugging, one-button start-stop, intelligent diagnosis, etc., which can greatly save labor cost.

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