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- Longjiang Fufeng Striving to Be a World-class Amino Acid Production Carrier Base
On the last day of August, the One Million Ton Corn Deep Processing Project, Phase II, of Qiqihar Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. This huge project, which was completed in only four months, has demonstrated the strength and responsibility of this national enterprise to the world with its beautiful posture. Now, 1,150 employees are making every effort to contribute to the construction of Pufeng and Pufeng has successfully completed the construction involving annual output of 2 million tons in more than 300 days.“Fufeng Spirit”has repeatedly created its own miracles.
Walking into Fufeng No.2 Starch Factory, you can't see anyone in a spacious workshop, and the well-arranged production equipment of different shapes are operating in an orderly manner, humming to different rhythms. Not far away, in an extremely quiet remote control room, a dozen computer monitors are constantly changing scenes, transmitting the running data of each machine all the time. According to the introduction by Ge Ruiqiang, workshop on-duty shift leader, the annual 1 million ton corn deep processing project (Phase II) has realized the fully automatic centralized control of the process workshops in the group for the first time. Such procedures requiring manual operation in the past as manual operation of motor pumps and inspection of the tank liquid level have been completely integrated into the automatic operation system, and the whole workshop simply requires one or two patrol inspectors. Longjiang Fufeng has gradually and steadily entered a new era of modern industrial automation.
“Constructing an intelligent high-tech world-class industrial park and building Longjiang Fufeng into a world-class amino acid production carrier base ” said by Deputy General Manager Xu Lingguo of Fufeng lingers in the ear. Since Qiqihar Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. settled in the Crane City in early 2017, the 3 million tons of corn deep processing project has always received much attention, the “Fufeng Speed” at which Phase I involving 1 million tons was completed and put into operation in the same year has created a remarkable “Fufeng Miracle”. On the basis of summing up experience and creating excellence in excellence, Phase II fully commenced in the journey of achieving digitalization and perfecting automation in April this year. Today, Phase I has reached its designated production capacity and realized export to earn foreign exchange and Phase II has smoothly entered the production stage. The overall construction of Phase III is expected to be fully completed in 2022, by which time the project can realize annual sales income of 10 billion Yuan and taxes of 600 million Yuan.
The revitalization of the real economy is inseparable from the optimization of technology and management innovation. Fufeng employees, with green, environmental protection and economic conservation as the company's tenet, positively promote international standardization management, making the company pass the certification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, FSMA Management System and FAMI-QS System, etc. at a time this year and also pass the Kosher certification and HALAL certification. Longjiang Fufeng's high standard construction system has received unanimous praise from a multi-party expert review team. Taking science and technology innovation as its mission, the company is dedicated to making Fufeng brands always in the front rank in the world's fermentation industry. Presently, Fufeng Company has been smoothly granted 4 invention patents, including “A Rapid Test Method for Threonine Content in Fermentation Broth” and “Environmental Process for Treating Threonine Fermentation Wastewater with Biological Agents” and the company also has 3 pending patents.
Currently, a majestic industrial park has been displayed in front of people and as a leading enterprise in the domestic bio-fermentation industry, Longjiang Fufeng has constructed scaled factory buildings and office buildings on barren land. All successes are the true embodiment of Fufeng employees' pioneering spirit of “Conquering Nature, Struggling Hard and Working Hard”. Facing the practical problems of a tight schedule, heavy tasks and heavy workload, Fufeng cadres and employees have been working in three shifts and working overtime to advance the whole project to constantly move forward.

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