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Fighting in the Frontline



During the National Day holiday, a busy scene involving machine roaring and welding spatters flying was found in the workshop of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. The earnest entrustment by General Secretary Xi Jinping lingering in the ear, enthusiastic staff members of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. celebrated the motherland's birthday using their firm figures standing at the first-line posts, reinforcing internal skills, keeping improving and working "Around the Clock" during the holiday.
In the tool and mould processing operation area in the North Zone of the Crane Branch, Li Song from the CNC Machining Center was fixing his eyes on the console. In order to ensure the completion of the production tasks as scheduled, Li Song and his workmates adhered to working in the front line during the National Day holiday. This busy "October 1st" for production made Li Song, person in charge of the Cold Blue Collar Studio of the Tool and Mould Workshop express his feelings emotionally, "The General Secretary's visit to our company for inspection has greatly inspired and energized us. Each of his words is like an inspiring horn, stimulating us to bravely move forward. As young-generation industrial workers, we should put the spirit of daring to meet challenges and being able to meet challenges into each production practice. "Currently, the team where Li Song is has started a "Seven to Seven" work mode, i.e. from 7am to 7pm for the morning shift and from 7pm to 7am for the night shift, working overtime around the clock in the front line with work enthusiasm racing against time.
The "October 1st" this year had a deeper meaning to Xu Jinjin, a numerical control worker from the Bogie Branch Factory. Xu Jinjin was working on the three neck refined machining next to the roaring lathe. This precision range required for this process was 10mm, thinner than hair. "General Secretary Xi Jinping instructs us to train hard to grasp skills. What a real and heavy entrustment it is! Only by constantly making progress, can we live up to expectations." Xu Jinjin, who graduated from Harbin Normal University, majoring in computer science and technology, 3 years ago, could have chosen an easy job. However, this sweet and beautiful girl chose to be an industrial worker determinedly, saying, "Due to the increasingly high requirements with the constant development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the "Blue Collar Elite" had been given a new meaning. Today, when freight cars depart from us one by one to run on the rails around the world, I feel extremely honored and proud. I will study hard to grasp skills to make every component reach the most accurate level and offer a gift to the motherland with practical actions. "
In the production workshop of the Bogie Branch Factory, a special figure appeared and it was Supervisor Steven from BHP Billiton, Australia, who was carefully comparing data in the product area. In nearly a month since he came to CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., he has been absorbed in the passionate production atmosphere buzzing with activities every day. Steven says, "This is an impressive company, full of working enthusiasm. I am glad to work side by side with the workmates in the front line in such a festival. The products of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. have good quality and can withstand all kinds of inspections and scrutiny. I will work harder with everyone to make the products more perfect "
According to Zhang Liming, Director of the Production and Manufacturing Department, since the beginning of this year, CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. have got sufficient orders and the production tasks have always been saturated. During the "October 1st", the Bogie Workshop was mainly busy manufacturing k6 bogies, the Freight Car Branch Factory was mainly busy manufacturing SQ6 double-deck car transport vehicles, the Stamping and Forging workshop was busy manufacturing supporting components for SQ6 and the Crane Branch Factory was mainly busy manufacturing 100t cranes to be shipped to Congo, with more than 3,000 employees of the company adhering to working in the front line all the time. It is just the speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping that has inspired the staff members of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. to enthusiastically make the final sprint to complete the annual production goals.

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