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Qiqihar Municipal People's Government Analyzed the Economic Operation Situation in the First Three Quarters and Arranged the Work for the Fourth Quarter


 On the afternoon of October 31, at the 20th Executive Meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Qiqihar, Qiqihar Municipal People's Government listened to the report on the whole city's economic operation situation in the first three quarters and made arrangements for the work to be carefully done in the fourth quarter to ensure the smooth completion of the annual target tasks.
At the meeting, Qiqihar Development and Reform Commission reported the economic performance of the city in the first three quarters and the completion of main indicators for economic and social development in the whole city in the first three quarters. The municipal leaders present at the meeting delivered speeches coupled with the work in their respective charge and put forward suggestions and requirements for the major work to be done next. Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Committee and Mayor of Qiqihar City, made a concluding speech.
It was stressed at the meeting that it was required to implement policies centering upon issues in a targeted manner to ensure completion of the target tasks of the whole year. It is only two months away from the end of the year, to complete the set goals involves a tight schedule, heavy tasks and high pressure. It is required to closely center upon issues, gather strength to tackle issues and d resolutely complete the annual tasks according to the high-quality development requirements.
The following requirements were made at the meeting: to strengthen monitoring and analysis, response to negative pulls, factor guarantee and all the required statistical work; to focus on market of agricultural products, regard the sales of agricultural products as the focus of agricultural work in the fourth quarter, pay close attention to autumn harvest ending work, marketing and sales of agricultural products, and yarding and restocking and prevention and control of epidemics in the animal husbandry and plan the adjustment of the planting structure next year; to stress improved quality and increased profits in the industry and focus on the operation of major industries, cultivation of enterprises above designated size and addressing inadequacies of county-level industries; to stress consumption expansion and focus on foreign trade import and export increase and domestic trade growth, development of the transportation industry, real estate sales, financial services and the integrated development of ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports and the cultural industry; to strengthen new kinetic energy cultivation, do a good job in technological innovation, smart government system construction, major field reformation, business model innovation and talent support; to strengthen the construction of industrial projects, promote high-quality development with high-quality projects and investment and do a good job in "Completion in Autumn " and start "Preparation in Winter"; to focus on increasing revenues and saving expenses, deeply tap non-tax revenue growth potential, continue to increase efforts to cultivate major tax source industries; to strictly control various expenditures, use limited funds to guarantee economic operation, valve people's livelihood and ensure safety and implementation of central, provincial and municipal decisions and deployment; to accurately grasp the national and provincial policy orientation, pay special attention to firmly grasping the opportunity of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit and inspection in Northeast China this time, and further increase efforts to obtain funds, policies and projects; to focus on preventing pollution and resolutely win the battle against pollution to create conditions for high-quality development; to strengthen people's livelihood guarantee, organize the implementation of "Seven Major People's Livelihood Projects", attach importance to social effects and ensure that people's livelihood projects can benefit the people.
It was stressed at the meeting that at the current crucial stage of one season influencing two years, it was required to find out the problems encountered, practically do the ending and summary of this year's work, carefully arrange and strengthen the awareness of overcoming difficulties, ensure the successful completion of respective tasks, thoroughly study and comprehend General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and guiding spirit during his visit and inspection in Qiqihar and at the northeast revitalization symposium and carefully plan all the work to be done next year according to the high-quality development requirements in the new era.

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