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Our City Got Good Grades in Heilongjiang 7th Disabled Vocational Skills Competition


 In Heilongjiang 7th Disabled Vocational Skills Competition that came to an end a short time ago, 39 contestants from our city struggled hard and won 6 first places in 18 events and won the first place with a team total score of 161 points, hitting a record high in the history of our city participating in provincial-level competitions.
Our city's team consisted of 39 disabled contestants from 11 counties (cities), and participated in all 18 events, including health massage, hand-weaving, embroidery, and computer. After fierce competition, a total of 31 contestants ranked among top 8 in 15 events respectively, occupying 80% of the contestants; 11 contestants ranked among top 3 in the events respectively, of whom 6 won the first prizes, 2 won the second prizes and 3 won the third prizes. Wang Boshu from Kedong County, Zhang Hongyu from Jianhua District, Zhao Liying, Li Deying and Fang Xiaoqi from Tiefeng District and Gong Yu from Angangxi District came first in embroidery, blind health massage, paper cutting, Chinese pastry, CAD drawing and data processing respectively; Yu Lei from Longsha District and Li Kun from Tiefeng District came second in tea art and e-commerce respectively; Li Yanling and Yao Zheng from Jianhua District and Zhang Jinfeng from Longjiang County came third in CAD drawing, poster design and web page production respectively.
The vocational skills competition for the disabled has provided disabled people with an opportunity to bring out their technical expertise and stimulated their enthusiasm about employment and entrepreneurship, thus inspiring more disabled people to become rich through their skills and employment. This competition has exhibited the killed level of the disabled craftsmen in our city, demonstrated their good style of hard work, self-reliance and mutual care and help and manifested a new situation of the employment of disabled people in our city.

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