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Our City Ensures Bumper Harvest in the Bumper Harvest Year


 Since the beginning of this year, all parts of our city have conscientiously implemented the requirements of the central and provincial governments to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and ensure national food security, actively adjust and optimize the planting structure, variety structure and quality structure, adhere to agricultural time standards, strengthen field management ,enhance disaster reduction and relief and fully advance agricultural production work, achieving significant results and realizing a bumper harvest in grain production.
Since late September, all parts of the city have actively guide farmers to carry out autumn harvest work based on crop maturity, scientifically and rationally arrange harvest time and harvesting order, and adopt a way of harvesting soybean first, then rice and finally corn for ripe crops; to start with the plots involving good maturity and then the plots involving a delayed growth period; to get in crops on hilly land and then on level land and finally on low-lying land. Each place is required to scientifically allocate machinery, pay attention to the advantages of large machinery, help agricultural machinery cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households cooperate with users of agricultural machinery, rationally arrange the order of land operations and start work early in the morning and stop work late at night, with machines operating nonstop to speed up the autumn harvest. So far, the whole city has put 14,041 harvesters into operation, with a machine-harvested area of 29.02 million mu, accounting for 89.5% of the harvested area. At the same time, autumn land preparation and straw removal work is being actively advanced, with 10.6 million mu land preparation completed, including 4.05 million mu deeply loosened, occupying 78.8% and 73.6% of the plan respectively, with the area where corn and rice straw has been returned to the farmland reaching 7.08 million mu.
While accelerating the work of autumn harvest, our city has been conscientiously implemented the requirements of the national and provincial autumn grain purchase and sale work simultaneously established and improved the departmental coordination and linkage work mechanism and strengthened coordination and cooperation to do everything possible to do a good job in all aspects of grain purchase and sales, closely centering upon such major links as “there being persons for purchasing grain, there being money for purchasing grain, there being storage for grain and there being vehicles for transporting grain ” .   
Based on the principles of planning grain purchase and sales in advance and actively carrying out grain production and marketing cooperation, our city has organized grain enterprises to participate in the 5.23“Ice City Dialogue” Corn Industry Development Summit Forum, 6.18 Fujian Grain Trade Fair and 8.18 China's First Grain Trade Fair, organized rice processing enterprises to carry out “ Heilongjiang Good Grain Oil”-themed Nationwide Special Marketing Campaign” and invited grain enterprises from Guangzhou, Sichuan and Henan to our city to inspect, negotiate and sign grain production and sales cooperation agreements, thereby broadening grain sales channels.
Our city, giving full play to the main channel role of central and local state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprises, is striving to enable more than 60% of local state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprises to carry out market-oriented operations and is expected to see purchase of 2 million tons of grain. Centering up guiding diversified entities of society to actively enter the market and carrying out market-oriented operations, our city's grain enterprises have signed agreements for purchase and sales of more than 1.4 million tons of corn with grain enterprises from Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Liaoning.
In terms of improving local corn processing and transformation capacity, it is estimated that 4 deep processing enterprises and feed enterprises, i.e. COFCO Biochemical (Longjiang), Yi'an Pengcheng Biochemical, Nehe Hongzhan and Longjiang Fufeng, can consume nearly 4 million tons of corn; in terms of strengthening grain storage guarantee, the whole city is ready to collect and store 10.88 million tons of grain, including 4.26 million tons by local state-owned grain depots, 2.49 million tons by other state-owned enterprises and 4.13 million tons by private enterprises. The whole city's grain drying capacity is 15.2 million tons, including 6.1 million ton drying capacity of local state-owned grain depots. In terms of exerting the role of the grain purchase body, grain-related enterprises have entered the market earlier this year and the purchase market is more active this year than last year. The enterprises included in the list of the statistical department of the government have purchased 197,000 tons of rice, 473,000 tons of corn and 17,000 tons of soybean.
Taking advantage of the leading role of central state-owned enterprises in the region, COFCO Biochemical (Longjiang) has taken the lead in entering the market and purchased grain since October 10. The local state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprises have actively played the role as the main channel. Yi'an Xiangyu has purchased 237,000 tons of fresh corn, and Nehe Xiangyu has purchased 129,000 tons of fresh corn; intensive corn processing enterprises are encouraged to take advantage of industrial advantages to enter the market and Yi'an Pengcheng Biochemical has purchased 63,000 tons of corn.
In the follow-up work, our city will make every effort to speed up autumn harvest and land preparation and ensure get in all that should be got in and that each grain of crops will be stored to guarantee the harvest results. At the same time, focus will be placed on guiding farmers to strengthen safekeeping after harvest, actively coordinating grain collection and storage enterprises to provide corn drying services for cooperatives and farmers in order to improve quality, with grain market price information released in a timely manner to guide farmers to sell grain at the proper time at a proper time and extensively look for grain sales channels and reliable buyers to ensure the grain yielded can sell well at a good price. The phenomena of having no sales channels for grain and grain going bad will be firmly avoided.

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