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Kedong Yongjin Primitive Ecological Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Produces Fresh Milk Exceeding the EU Standards



Kedong Yongjin Primitive Ecological Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is the exclusive supplier of Kedong Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd., and its whole set of milking equipment is imported from Sweden. All steps involving dairy cows lining up at the entrance to enter the disc, medicated bath before milking, cleaning, placing milk ups and medicated batch after milking are automatically controlled by equipment. Each dairy cow can be milked three or four times a day, producing an average of 37 kilograms of milk. It takes the disc about 10 minutes to rotate one full turn, it is strictly forbidden to rush and swear while milking the cows, and after milking, the milked cows leave from the exit by themselves. The quality of fresh milk obtained in this way exceeds the EU standard. The pictures shows the company's cows being milked in the circular milking parlor.

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