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Keshan Impression" Purchased Products at Village, Increasing Farmers' Income


 Recently, people have flooded into the committee of Minxing Village, Beilian Town, Keshan County, contributing to an atmosphere more bustling than a new year simply because that "Keshan Impression" has come again to purchase products.
The local villagers come to the e-commerce service station with their own special agricultural products, waiting in line for the staff of Keshan Impression to purchase their products by grade and quality. It is learned that this is another activity launched by Keshan Impression Online Shopping Mall in cooperation with the Task Force resident at Minxing Village, Beilian Town to assist in the anti-poverty action.
Liu Bing, Manager of the Design Department of Keshan Impression said that the agricultural and sideline products purchased this time at Minxing Village, Beilian Town, would be packed in a unified manner and sold online after strictly screening. Such natural green agricultural products in farmers' home as dried potato slices and dried eggplant slices are just the "Darling" that urban people are looking for, and their online sales have always been good, changing the excess agricultural products in farm households into real banknotes, increasing farmers' income.
Since the beginning of the year, Minxing Village, Beilian Town, has vigorously developed the courtyard economy, in which farmers dry green vegetables in early autumn, retaining their original quality and taste, and sell them in winter. This is the purchase of the 15th batch of agricultural products, and all villagers from 8 villages, including Minxing Village, have got involved in it, with a total of about 3,000 kg dried vegetables purchased. 20 batches of agricultural products are expected to be sold this year, increasing per household's income by 2000 Yuan on average.

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