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Civil Works of Pig Houses Involved in the 7th Sub-farm Project of Longjiang Muyuan Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd Fully Completely


 7th Sub-farm of Longjiang Muyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is one of the large modern-scale pig breeding projects invested by Henan Muyuan Group. This project, located in the south of Dongli Tun, Halahai Township, Longjiang County, covers an area of 637mu, involving an investment amount of 250 million Yuan, with 116 pig houses to be built, covering an area of 113,680 square meters. It is a full-line production farm integrating sow feeding and fattening, with a breeding scale involving breeding stock of 10000 sows, and an annual hot slaughter scale of 200,000. The construction of the project commenced in July 2017. So far, fixed asset investment of 200 million Yuan has been completed, involving 75 pig houses (41 fattening houses, 22 nursery houses, 6 houses for milking sows, 6 houses for pregnant sows), a biogas storage pool of 135000 cubic meters, 3 black film biogas pools of 45,000 cubic meters, with 40,000 hogs in stock now. The civil works for the remaining 51 pig houses have been completed, and the steel structures are expected to be fully completed in June 2019, when the project is scheduled to reached its designated scale and production capacity. After the project is completed and reaches its designated production capacity, it can convert 600,000 tons of grain locally, realize sales income of 6.4 billion Yuan and create 4,000 job opportunities. So far, cumulative fixed assets investment of 499 million Yuan has been completed.

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