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Qiqihar's Winter Cultural Tourism Product Promotion Activity Held in Harbin


 In order to allow more people to understand the Qiqihar's tourism environment and promote Qiqihar tourism resources, on the morning of December 1st, the "Qiqihar BBQ Tour" Qiqihar Winter Cultural Tourism Product Promotion Conference sponsored by Qiqihar Tourism Development Committee was held at Harbin Central Avenue.
Hou Wei, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Deputy Mayor Liu Yanfang were present at the event.
At the promotion meeting, Qiqihar launched its first barbecue-themed delicacy exploration tour nationwide, i.e. one-day tour, two-day tour and three-day tour-based micro holiday products, with "Qiqihar BBQ Tour" as the core element, with high-speed rail as the main means of transportation. The tour involves drinking from big bowls, eating large pieces of meat during barbecue revelry, watching cranes dancing on the snow-covered plain in Zhalong, experiencing amalgamation of ice and fire in Shuishi Forest Spring, pursuing the popular science fun of industrial tourism in CFHI, Feihe Dairy and Yi'an Ceramics, and feeling the passion of sports in the "Asia's Best Hockey City" and folk customers at Lake Meilisi.
At the same time, a tourism and cultural market was set up on Central Avenue, at which, chefs from Qiqihar barbecue restaurants showed their barbecue stunts, chefs from a Daur specialty restaurant cooked the delicacies unique to the minority ethnic group and genuine local products from Tailai Rice Industry, Feihe Dairy, Shiquan Jiumei Wine Industry were also exhibited. Besides, the Daur style songs and dances and Qiqihar Ice Hockey Team's exhibition match offered a feast for the eyes.

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