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Gannan Country and Beijing Shounong Food Group Signed an Agreement at Shuanghe Farm for Joint Development



On the morning of November 30, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between Gannan County and Beijing Shounong Food Group was held at Shuanghe Farm. Both parties will establish comprehensive strategic partnership to complement each other and achieve win-win development.
Beijing Shounong Food Group has competitive advantages and brand influence in modern planting industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, grain and oil food processing industry and trade material industry and logistics industry, and has national influence especially in agriculture-related fields. It has two listed companies, i.e. Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. and Jingliang Holding Co., Ltd., 15 Chinese well-known trademarks and 18 Chinese time-honored brands like Liu Biju, Wang Zhihe and Yueshengzhai. As a main force, main channel and main carrier to meet the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei citizens' demands for daily necessities like vegetables, rice, milk and meet, the company plays an irreplaceable important role.
After the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership, both parties will further conduct joint and coordinated development in the fields of planting, aquaculture, modern agricultural service industries and infrastructure construction. Gannan County will, with Shuanghe Farm as a bridge, with Beijing Shounong Food Group as another bridgehead for the export of agricultural products, sell batches of high-quality agricultural products with county-level characteristics into Beijing and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Circle to be served on the tables of the great majority of citizens there, and constantly improve the national popularity and market share of county- agricultural products brands. Under the strong support of Gannan County, Shuanghe Farm will strive to become Beijing Shounong Food Group's modern agricultural and animal husbandry production and processing base, modern circular agriculture demonstration base and agricultural industrial park representing the capital level, with focus placed on developing three industry systems, i.e. the modern planting industry, the breeding industry and the agricultural service industry, to accelerate the development of the modern animal husbandry industry.
At the signing ceremony, Shuanghe Farm signed a contract with Jintian Ranch, Gannan County, which became the first successful cooperation project in the process of building a comprehensive strategic partnership of both sides.

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